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Thousands of patients all across the country experience chronic pain due to osteoarthritis of the knee. They were unable to find the relief that they sought until they received the valuable information contained in this report. This report reveals the inside scoop of an FDA cleared, nonsurgical treatment protocol to end their knee pain and suffering. This valuable information has helped numerous local residents to stop living a life of pain.

Inside this FREE report, you will learn what every patient should consider before choosing surgery as a treatment option for their osteoarthritis knee pain. You can get access to this valuable free report as a limited time offer by filling out the form below.

This breakthrough procedure is called Viscosupplementation Therapy and it is providing hope and pain relief for those suffering from knee pain. Offered locally by General 1 Medical P.C., this procedure does not require surgery, and it can often provide immediate results. Another benefit is that there is little to no recovery time.

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Countless numbers of patients have experienced very successful results with our Viscosupplementation treatment protocol are now experiencing life once again without knee pain. Isn’t it time you stopped letting knee pain control your life?

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[1] Reference – Epidural steroid injections procedures. Medscape reference retrieved July 26th 2011.

Suffering from knee pain? Don’t worry – Our treatment program relieves the pain using our unique protocol system.

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General 1 Medical P.C. offers the latest therapies and technology to relieve joint pain more effectively than ever before, and all without the use of drugs or painful surgery. Our protocol system offers many safe, painless, and proven techniques for relieving chronic joint pain.

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